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With too boring That is what you did not choose the accessories!
Necklace class

Neck short and thick

Neck short people often lack a sense of tall and straight, in their own short neck wearing a necklace will make the neck look shorter, because the length of the necklace and neck almost the same size, wearing a horizontal line after the formation. As the necklace in the neck on the formation of the dividing line, so that the formation of the upper and lower neck shape of the impression, the visual will appear shorter, wear slender necklace or pendant with a necklace will make the short neck is elongated Feeling, because the mont blanc necklace of the V-shaped lines caused by the direction of the downward hanging feeling.

montblanc pens Neck slender

Neck slender people are not suitable for wearing too long necklace, because the necklace of the vertical visual stretch will make the already long neck look longer, can not become a "giraffe." The neck should choose to wear long collar or small and delicate short necklace, this effect will be better. Neck slender ladies wear silk chain even more exquisite charming, the color can be as light as possible to choose some, so that not only highlights the beauty of the neck, and will not let the neck look very long ~ ~


The ring-shaped earrings do not look obvious, but they are particularly simple and generous, and other models will have an unexpected effect. In fact, in addition to the ring, this type of geometric wind earrings nearly two years are particularly fire, simple and elegant at the same time also very wild


Fingers slender man suitable for wide ring and a sense of the volume of the ring. Obese type of hand for wearing a spiral shape of the ring, so that your fingers can be slightly slim. A short, thick hand can choose a streamlined ring.

Why spring must be scarves? It is not a single product of the old aunt it? If you think so wrong! Women's neck lines are one of the most beautiful curves of the body, how can we miss the great dress of the swan neck?

Red is one of the most eye-catching colors, with a red scarf decorated neck, breath effect is no less than a big red lipstick, lining was skin white snow. The best color of the scarf can be echoed with a certain part of the mont blanc pen body, so it looks more harmonious and unified. mont blanc ballpoint pens Scarf is the best place for its elegant texture, choose a slender scarf, around the neck, so that the natural hanging down the scarf, it is feeling. In addition to pure color scarves, brilliant printing scarves are also fashionable fine favorite.