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With no mont blanc pens eye? Just a stylish accessories
In the wear side of the surface is slightly simpler some of the spring and summer, if you want to wear some more eye-catching place, then what way? The answer is the lack of a fashionable accessories.

Of course, the accessories are not free to wear like, accessories are not fashionable, not only for the wear plus points, but to drag the hind legs it! So before the accessories with a look at this year's accessories are popular how to wear it!


mont blanc pens for sale Ring this element is no longer what is rare, almost in which single product has its shadow, but the hoop hoop elements, it should try to mix and other single product together, such as pearls or yarn , A single big ring to wear really bad control Oh! Ring, but also this year's fashion influx of people like the style, the personality of the asymmetrical design wear super and Fan children, with the fashionable white flowers, look full of Korean wind. Super-temperament of a earrings, fashionable metal ring mont blanc starwalker with exquisite pearl embellishment, giving a very elegant feeling, even if the wear is not a color, such a pair of earrings will be added to the lace.


Unconsciously, now more and more popular wearing a ring concave shape, and fashionable ring is not just stay in a single finger, the more stacked, but the more fashionable, such a match, but also love punk wind The sister of the choice. Very retro style of a ring, light to see the color is very retro feeling, open design, wear is also very convenient, bronze wear is also more characteristic, full of punk wind feeling.


In addition to the ring to be stacked, the bracelet has entered the stacking mode, the thickness of the phase, it seems free and full of design sense, if in a match with a watch, then you wear a very temperament Oh! I believe that this bracelet looked very familiar it, whether it is the influx of people wearing or daily life, many times can see its shadow, fashionable and delicate bracelet to wear up the atmosphere fashionable, highlight your personality charm. Very simple a bracelet, simple and not complicated, the bracelet on the steel is very retro, and full of unique sense, fashionable tone is very durable, elegant and elegant to wear. This bracelet style is also popular this year, fashionable opening style, in the opening to increase the diamond embellishment, fashionable and exquisite, shiny bright feeling behind the clothes also become fashionable atmosphere some.