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What kind of small accessories can make you dress more personality and temperament?
Clothes shoes bag cosmetics, we are constantly buying and buying in the process to improve their own aesthetic! Accessories as the finishing touch of course, is indispensable! mont blanc pens discount As a woman how can you control yourself do not buy these BlingBling cute things too! The


When the child reluctantly hit the ear hole, is to be able to bring the United States and the United States earrings, it seems that the little girl began to bones with the beauty of the heart! Now with the earrings is not just a single round ah, long ah, as long as you can think of can be hung on the ear. The pursuit of exaggerated effect, fashion to the general people can not understand friends But they like more than anything else! Earrings for the face or have some requirements, and with the earrings really may make your face a small circle! According to the shape of the earrings choose the shape, try to avoid those two defects to make you more prominent shape it ~

Neck decoration

Especially when the winter really want to reveal their beautiful necklace, but helpless clothes collar is too high, only wronged them hidden in the innermost. But now it is a good time to expose them! Do not let your neck empty!

mont blanc pens for sale Although not with neck decoration and will not look good, but more of montblanc pens the neck with the really do not give the impression that the front is super suction eye! The length of the necklace also determines the style of your match. Generally longer neck ornaments with loose with the clothing, of course, with a long and exaggerated neck decoration, the choice of clothing also try not too complicated, or give a grasp of the focus mont blanc can not grasp the sense of confusion.

Clavicle chain

The length of the chain of clavicle is generally between 30cm ~ 40cm, worn on the neck when just on the clavicle, as the name suggests clavicle chain friends, can be a good set off sexy clavicle, is my favorite! Chain clavings are generally very small and very delicate, so unlike some exaggerated necklace need special with clothing, chain chain chain is basically a wild accessories! More importantly, although the clavicle chain is a small one, but the full sense of elegance!

Wrist ornaments

And went to the wrist and ankle season, in short, my wrist with no points will always feel empty! Bracelet must bring a lot of feeling there are wood! Only with one or feel the bracelet is very monotonous, so the bracelet is to bring a few, mix up the best look! Whether it is clothes or accessories are very popular mix and match the wind, bracelet and watch mix and match, is really nice, and then with a clutch, spring season can not be equipped with friends.


How can the fingers of the accessories less, every girl must have a diamond ring dream! But the diamond ring from me or a certain distance, and now those who are full of personality ring is my love! I believe you will see me like this will be the heart of it! When you wear a ring when you can not wait for their hands more points! So many good-looking rings are not enough to bring your fingers ah! Originally thought that the ring only with a good, but now feel the ring with a full hand is also very good to see! After all, fashion people do so! Although with a lot of rings, but all the rings look like the same series of this looks will not be strange ah, exaggerated big ring and then with a few simple small ring, will be more harmonious.