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Wear beautiful hair ornaments, filling your beauty
montblanc meisterstuck A person's match, in addition to the effort to wear in the outside, can not ignore the small details of the headdress. Sometimes hair ornaments pick well, for the overall shape of a lot of extra points, but also to highlight their own different. As a determined girl, absolutely choose a good hair ornaments Oh, to create a different style!

1. Butterfly Gone with the Wind. Super cents a hair ring, absolutely can get your favor. Slightly wings of the light-colored butterfly, accompanied by a long black ribbon, clean and neat at the same time, without losing the Smart Smart atmosphere, in the elegant hair, filling the elegant and romantic.

2. Cross elastic knit hair band. Retro wild hair band, there are girls heart baby powder, Western style turmeric, as well as temperament wine red, are very good with the color. Usually used with clothes is very appropriate, with the door will not be too exaggerated, to add mont blanc ballpoint pens to your dress bright colors.

3. Korean happy knot rope. A little bit of the characteristics of the hair rope, hand-knot, is a happy knot Oh. The basic style, craftsmanship and texture are great, there are pizza with, super small fresh it! Suitable for not like the exaggerated hair ornaments of the girl, used to tie the tail is very mont blanc fountain pen nice!

4. Floral diamond geometric hairpin. Geometric hair clips, crystal and diamond cross mosaic, simple pattern but more able to express the meaning of more beauty. Hollow effect, wear really look good, as long as the hair can tie up the girl can prepare a Oh

5. Flower fly butterfly dance hoop. Hair on the butterfly on the use of hollow design, there is a sense of light, layered and three-dimensional sense of stronger, highlight the gentle temperament. Butterfly with high quality blue diamond mosaic, crystal shiny, distributed attractive light. Hair hoop tail made of soft resin, wear more safe and comfortable.

6. Pearl bow band. Toner really super-temperament it! End of the long streamers, according to their own shape need to weave. Both can be banded with twist braids tied together, or tied to the bow on the side, you can also go around the top tied a small bow with a multi-purpose, to create a different style Oh

7. hit the color oblique striped hair bands. Super hot a hair band, color really with just right. And the texture of the fabric is also particularly good, feels very good feel Inside the aluminum wire is very soft, very strong modeling, both can be tied to hair tail, can also do hair band, do not pick.

8. Floral pearl plate hair rod. Selection of high-quality fabrics, light texture, fresh colors, there is a small floral feeling, Korean wild Plate hair stick inside built several shares of aluminum, easy to create Variety shape. Plate hair rod tail also added a gentle and delicate shiny pearls, but also highlight the style.