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Tide male summer sultry killer 2 pieces of a single product is enough to let you hold the audience
Really want to become a man, in addition to be very wear, the role of accessories must not be ignored.

Most boys around friends have such an idea: the less the better things, especially for dress with. To know that small accessories, but montblanc meisterstuck play the role of finishing touch Oh, do not ignore the.

Today selected two of the most indispensable accessories and with the method, for you fashionable men reference, hoping to help you.

NO.1 sunglasses

Sunglasses as a pair of handsome handsome, regardless of fashion stars or street beat the influx of people are put it down.

Do not blindly pursue the popular burst, for their own is the best. We can according to their own face to choose the appropriate sunglasses, can add a lot of points for the value of yo.

mont blanc pens discount To the hot summer, sunglasses can not only shade, montblanc pens but also help you easily read handsome style.

Solid color T-shirt + black pants with the men are common with the formula, matched with a big sense of full sense of sunglasses, do not want to attract passers-by eyeballs are difficult

You can also choose a sense of full sense of the striped shirt + shorts + sunglasses, cool and stylish.

NO.2 baseball cap

The second essential accessories are: baseball cap. As one of the weapon, the baseball cap can be said to be the trend of fashion men must. Choose a suitable baseball cap for their own, it is necessary.

Baseball cap can be said that the highest degree of audience cap type, and want to be different from passers-by modeling, we can in mont blanc pen the color and pattern on a little heart.

And T-shirt or shirt with, are very common combination, almost no mistakes.

Of course, in addition to the above described two single product, shoes, bags, bracelets and other accessories is also essential yo.