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The most girls feel the accessories is ta, one second back to 18 years old
Collar is a very magical accessories, it is not like the necklace as ladies gentle, but with a strong sense of playful, like the magic of the ancient spirit of strange girls, lively and lovely, and rebellious freedom.

mont blanc pens There are many types of collar, Xiao Bian today to share with you the most common is also the best with the four.

Lace collar

Cloth lace collar has a thick classical style, suitable for a shoulder with the clothes, there will be a kind of classical aristocratic montblanc pens beauty, and a variety of fairy skirt with the fall is a small angel fall into the mortal, like Europe and the United States retro style Little beauty can try.

Metal collar

And lace collar compared to the metal collar is very strong modern, and a variety of T-shirts are very fashionable, people will be dynamic, vibrant, metal collar shape most of the more personalized, strong sense of design.

3. Black ribbon collar

Black ribbon collar is the most simple shape, with a wider choice of space, can be ladies, can be punk, can be elegant, can be personalized, if you do not know which election, this is the most suitable entry collar.

4. Ribbon collar

Finally this mont blanc starwalker is Xiaobian favorite ribbon collar, super girl heart, super little woman's style, thin black line around the neck tied into a bow, gentle and delicate, fresh art, collar itself with a rebellious temperament swept away And light.