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Summer dress without hierarchy? Four accessories to help you
mont blanc pens discount Winter has been popular for everyone to wear clothing layer of this problem, but in the summer this method looks a bit weak, because the less wear, the basic is a T-shirt plus a denim shorts, or a skirt like look, this time, we should Learning is to find a bright spot in the accessories.

Several simple chockers

Chocker this stuff has been heat unabated, whether it is fashion fine, or we ordinary people love her reason is wild and enhance the fashionable degree, no matter what you wear, as long as the exposed neck, free to wear a collar on the tide range full La. And chocker price is not very expensive, most of us in the acceptance of ordinary people within the range, and even a lot of beautiful babies are prepared a lot of good, every day for a different feel, Gigi look in a lot of it is inseparable from it , Looks like a house of chocker. White T each family are more than one, directly wear out is not wrong, it will not deduct points, but wear chocker on the moment more than a lot of layers of feeling, carefully dressed up some of the various styles of chocker have Such an effect.

A pink sunglasses

Personal experience, sunglasses is essential in the summer of small jewelry, eyes in the ultra-UV exposure below the real uncomfortable, in the past we generally wear sunglasses are black, brown this kind of popular this year, a variety of pink Yiyi at the same time, pink sunglasses Fashion is also a burst of the table Oh. montblanc pens Another point is that she will not waste your elaborate eye makeup, pink frame can be slightly revealed flashing big eyes, especially in the sun when the special look good, and only the feeling of pink is the most pink Gentle it. Although the color and whine and handsome, personality to not, but it is the same as other colors of sunglasses wild, very casual with a daily leisure look no fault, but also allows you to increase the rebellious and playful girl temperament.

A wild straw hat

Recently, many people are talking Andy's straw hat Oh, in fact, many fashion bloggers have long been the straw hat as a must out of the resort, vacation essential option, and summer we can not help but wear a skirt, straw hat With a variety of long skirts to wear up the second variable wind. And then let us ultra-US resistance to the lace, with the straw hat is a pair of strong cp, the two are particularly harmonious in the texture, a pure and beautiful, a rustic nature, so with the beach or go to various places = local travel Can the United States and the United States da. If you are too lazy to support the umbrella, then a straw hat is really too intimate, and our basic single product, shirt ah, T-shirt and even a suit, with a draft hat to no sense of violation, that the straw hat is the original baby can choose A little decorated straw hat, such as the above a black ribbon will be much better friends.

A few gold letters ring a lot of people say that gold will be montblanc boheme rustic, like Tuhao aunt, there are a lot of people think that summer wear silver jewelry will be more refreshing. Nitrogen, to talk about the sense of hierarchy, or better gold, but also in the design of modern enough, rustic is not wide. Golden letter ring design super simple, is the 26-letter style, recently in the fashion circle, but the fire, the general fashion fine who like to wear a few hands to increase the fashion sense, how, simply wear a shirt Under the small accessories played a big role Oh. Use it in minutes to deduce the goddess Fan children, the letter design by age, gold to increase the sense of quality, complement each other is really great friends.