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Summer dress is amazing? It is more in the accessories on it
Winter people can not wait to own the package tightly, therefore, compared to the winter dress, summer dress can play the place to be more. After all, this is a season can be exposed meat Well For example, you can play a little bit of sexy: exposed clavicle. A word collar, low V collar is popular, not that can be a small clavicle and incense shoulder, to show more charming feminine atmosphere? montblanc pens Fashion fine who have effort, through a delicate pendant, you can let the clavicle attention. Of course, this is not suitable for large people on the shoulders.

In addition to being able to set off the charming clavicle, the existence of necklaces will not let you wear too much collar clothes, it seems empty chest. Now very popular necklace overlay, it looks neither cumbersome and stylish.

Summer hand that is more, if the hand lines are not perfect, empty hands easier to highlight the defects of the hand lines, then you can transfer the attention through the bracelet, the focus will fall on your wonderful accessories up. Choose a suitable bracelet, but also lining your wrist more slender Oh.

In addition to the body of the accessories, of course, but also take into account the earrings and rings to make the shape more refined. Now very popular ring stacked way, can be a finger wearing a few rings, or at the same time wearing a few fingers, rich your shape, so the ring is really not too much.

Earrings are very modified face things.

This season 45 degrees angle looking at the sky in Beijing, you get just a sneeze (smile). You need to wear sunglasses and then go out to Shuashuai. Hot summer, sunglasses is absolutely essential to go out a single product.

In addition to shading summer, the sunglasses can highlight your unique taste ~ with the major brands continue to introduce the vice line, the type of sunglasses is numerous, classic black sunglasses has always been the safest choice of novice, not exaggerated shape and Simple design will never be out of date. Better reflect your elite range of children, different from the classic models, the huge frame so that the whole face looks more mont blanc small and exquisite, and the collision between different colors is more lively and lovely, youth invincible.

mont blanc starwalker Red and white shirt and skirt to create Sicilian style girl, with flowers and sunglasses and earrings and bracelets, lovely with vitality, filled with enthusiasm and fragrance. Something more sense of sunglasses seems to be a lot of people choose, distinctive design style is more able to reflect the personal strong style, do their own has become easier.