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Summer boys do not these three accessories, you are destined to lonely old!
A hat, or a bracelet, or even change the style of socks, can make you stand out in the crowd. Today, this basic section, Xiao Bian will introduce you to 3 accessories, wear them, feel in the summer street "everyone is drunk I alone wake up" mission.

Hat (fisherman hat)

The most traditional version features a small edge, with a circle of shade edges. The original fisherman's hat is made of wool, but now people seem to prefer the thicker polyester, which is usually on both sides of the metal opening ring, people in the summer is not too hot.

The fisherman's hat has a shade effect, and in mont blanc sale the summer, a refreshing fisherman's hat distinguishes you from "bad kids" with baseball caps. And fisherman hat shape is not unusual, you can choose a different color, different patterns, increase the summer style.


Hot mont blanc starwalker summer days, many men will wear a solid color short-sleeved t-shirt, this time the wrist will be nothing more empty, this time with a bracelet bracelet to increase the amount of weight on the right!

If the challenge ring to be simple, bracelet is easy to look too soft, men want to wear bracelet, to choose simple style, clean and neat style, regardless of what the bracelet stack can get.

Wear colored stockings

In this summer can not wear the number of clothes, the most interesting men on your socks.

1 printing socks

Print socks inadvertently exposed will make the image of the infinite vitality, young ten years old is not a problem. But men print socks do not like women can have all kinds of patterns, it is recommended to buy geometric printing, such as stripes, checkered, wave point is a good cheap mont blanc pens choice.

2 socks and socks

mont blanc Summer often pants side, this time even if the exposed socks in the color and material clearance is also prone to hot. So I recommend men to prepare a few pairs of socks, it is best shallow mouth socks, that socks edge to the instep that kind of.