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Summer accessories how to choose? A handbag to get!
All kinds of type of hand bag has been a variety of fashionable people must have a single product, compared to other accessories, handbags have a larger design space, whether it is elegant skirt or tough pants, match a suitable Hand bag can immediately enhance the fashion sense of the whole shape Oh! Here's a look at how to choose a special handbag in the summer!

Short-sleeved printed one-piece pants + sunglasses + bright color handbag + blue glossy high heels

Hand bag with stress and harmony at the same time highlight the highlights, choose clothes and not the same color of the hand bag is a good choice!

White mesh dress + gray slope with sandals + color hard handle bag

Elegant white skirt simple and generous, and hand bag to provide the entire shape of the only one color, just right, neither overwhelming, nor exaggerated!

Printed vest shirt + pink umbrella skirt + pink fish head high heels + blue green handle bag

Pink coat reveals a thick girl atmosphere! Print jacket is responsible for embellishment, high waist umbrella skirt and hate days are responsible for sweet and sexy, and hit the color of the blue and green handbag is the whole shape more eye-catching!

White straight dress dress + hard print bag + sunglasses

Goddess breath full of white dress to Xiaobian think of heavenly fairy it! And printing bag is broken pure white boring, so that the whole shape of the spirit up!

Yellow hollow dress + thick with sandals + bucket type clutch

mont blanc pens About a dress with a group of people's favorite, and interesting stuffed bucket-type clutch bag is able to let you out of Oh!

Chiffon Print Shirt + Denim Shorts + Thick Sandals + Bright Green Handbag

The fit of this body to focus on the upper body, bright green handbag and exaggerated green necklace echoed, while the high waist jeans are elongated height ratio.

Nude color blouse + blue print chiffon half skirt + purple high heels + hand-painted pattern handbag + sunglasses

Chiffon half skirt highlights elegant, bright purple high heels is the highlight of the entire shape, and printed with hand-painted cartoon pattern of the handbag is the elegant answer to add a little fun.

Loose white short-sleeved shirt + black harem pants + fight high-heeled shoes + bright splicing hand mont blanc ballpoint pens bag

Black and white with the most insurance mont blanc pens discount and fashion with, but want to break this boring, a bright hand bag is very important!

Yellow national wind dress + printing bag + simple word slippers + black fisherman hat

Take the Middle East style, but the basic shape of the basic pattern does not appear, printed handbag has become the only bright spot!