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Summer 10 popular accessories, with the ultra-beautiful!
Accessories can show a person with the details of the United States, from the details you can see whether a person loves life, love yourself! Some people say that simple enough, but it is inevitable or some ups and downs of life ~ fashion with the need to go with the heart!

1 / scarf

Scarf, is the basic paragraph to the temperament of the key! Especially in the mont blanc pens spring of such a transition season, not only can withstand the coolness of morning and evening, but also make fashionable upgrade. With a beautiful scarf, in this gorgeous world to add a color. White bra straps, such a basic dress if there is no accessories will be very dazzling embellishment, but both sides of the arm were tied on the different printing scarves, bracelets and watches echo montblanc pens each other, the shape becomes lively lot!

2 / hat

mont blanc starwalker Hot summer, the burning sun, it is easy to skin sunburn, MM out of the street with the necessary accessories, of course, is a hat!

3 / earrings

Hanging earrings can not only modify the face, highlight the neck lines, and slender lines in the visual also increased the overall sense of the flu. Long earrings modeling, better modification of the face, small pearl pendant, dance to create elegant temperament type of women. Fashion type, the overall more unique look.

4 / ring

Any color, any style of the ring in your fingers will be shining! Delicate fine ring, superimposed to wear more fashionable Oh! Thick lines of the ring, will make your fingers look delicate and beautiful!

5 / headdress

Cartoon headdress can play a "finishing touch" pen, cute. Even if a horse tail, but also make themselves become different with others Oh!

6 / sunglasses

Spring and summer sunshine strong, sunglasses can not only protect the eyes to avoid drying out the eye pattern, to resist the damage of ultraviolet rays, but also to create cool Fan children, fashion blogger out of the concave shape will be necessary sunglasses.

7 / brooch

There are popular in recent years, the cold wind, very particular about the temperament and texture sense, a loose straight dress, with a few brooches, you can freely squeeze the fold texture and profile shape. Highlight the montblanc boheme high quality texture.

8 / watch

If you want to say a very suitable for all the girls who must watch the accessories, the watch will be added to the shape, the practical effect of the decorative effect is very suitable for everyone.