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Suit accessories with know-how
Xiaobian today to introduce the suit with a suit, with a suit, through the different accessories of the clever against the background can create a completely different perception. Accessories used well, ordinary suit can wear clothing elegant gentleman's tolerance; the other hand, if the mix with a mess, even if the high-level custom can not save the bad impression left to others.

montblanc boheme Tie tie in the suit can be said to be beyond the classic standard, but want to match with the wonderful is not so easy. First montblanc boheme of all, the length of the tie should be moderate; Second, the occasion to pick the right tie, such as the official solemn occasion should wear dark no pattern or striped tie, casual occasions, you can wear a slightly beautiful color tie to highlight the personality.

Flower eyes

Illustrations are often worn by the suitors forgotten, he was on the left side of the collar on a buttonhole, it seems like superfluous, in fact, this suit buttonhole has a lot of wonderful features, can also be mont blanc pens discount a perfect mont blanc place for ornaments furnishings, And it has a lot of fancy name, so called cute eyes, is the finishing touch of the suit.

Pocket towel

Pocket towel, chest towel, is a small piece of square fabric, folded after wearing a suit jacket chest pocket. The pocket bag is an essential accessories for men's suits. A carefully selected, washed, ironing, folding a good pocket towel, can highlight your taste and identity, to help you create a dress in the most elegant corner.


Compared to the entry-level pure black belt dull, it is better to choose some simple but very rich sense of design. The width of the belt should be kept at about three centimeters, so that it will neither be too exaggerated nor lose masculinity. Finally remember, do not hang on the belt too much decoration, so as not to be exaggerated.


As the saying goes, to see how a man's taste, should first start to see his shoes, a pair of good shoes with the overall shape can often add a lot of points. As the most important accessories of the suit, and sometimes, a pair of Yizhuang also harmonic shoes can be a perfect solution to the gentleman office and leisure style conflict. Make it both formal and informal occasions wild fashion appearance, do not have to drive to dating on the road to worry about wearing it uncomfortable, not to worry about the destination of your gentleman style dropped.

From the perspective of accessories to see the correct match, you have not come to realize the feeling? We must remember that these suits with common sense, the future is not afraid of their own gentleman.

If you want to have a suit of their own, both show handsome, but also show mature and stable, then to customize a suit is your choice!