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Short neck of the savior! Autumn and winter by these accessories to add points!
Choker is still popular this year. Look at your beloved wear beans to know, whether it is street shooting or participate in activities, her neck always with a black fine ribbon. Too exaggerated choker may make your neck very short, not enough wild, or do not try easily. Metal chain Chocker suitable for creating cool, punk wind, with the daily minimalist style, stylish texture and mont blanc starwalker advanced.

Two Choker stack is very suitable for metal chain montblanc boheme texture mix and match. Of course, the neck to be a little longer, or to become the kind of both after the Egyptian Yan.

If it is not styling needs, simple a simple black choker, without any decoration, can match most of your wardrobe single product, also has a low profile style. Do not be big, you can DIY style, bells, decorative color stones and so on. Can be with it.

This year is still popular with the wide version of Choker. So that the neck does not look unexpectedly, a wide + a thin chain of long section, while the girl has a lively sense. Of course, round face of the sister paper do not wear ah! Look at Gigi mom's short neck, and it's grumpy.

Double chocker more pleasing, both when the collar will be around the neck, but also as a necklace wear, spend a money for two, serve two purposes! Not only make people shines can take pictures of the United States and the United States it.

Retro mont blanc pen men and women couple rings

Ring style a lot, maybe you need a high degree of recognition of the ring. Recommended this, the use of retro silver high-precision color, simple round design, people can notice the taste of the wearer, wearing a very lining of temperament.

Twist couple opening bracelet

montblanc pens The use of tattoo design, selected iron and silver as a bracelet element, very with a sense of retro, whether it is with bracelets, watch wear or wear alone is a good choice. The same is also very suitable as a couple bracelet Oh!

Dumbbell couples sweater chain

Accessories style a lot, as a man, enough money to the bar! To dumbbell for the shape, the movement and faith perfect blend together, full of power. Style generous simple, as the usual with the sweater chain is also a good choice.