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Several pure man who accessories, specifically for men from the taste
Mini key recording pen

Classroom learning, court forensics, conference negotiations, etc. are used on mont blanc the use of invisible voice recorder, power or power shortage, the recording pen automatically save the recording, to ensure data security.

mont blanc starwalker Metal stainless steel sharp double-edged perforated cigar knife

Both the key mont blanc pendant and cigar scissors, specifically for the taste of men, Krupp stainless steel and personality skull head, refused to mediocrity, to create extraordinary.

Headset running sunglasses

A very amazing glasses, it is sunglasses, is the MP3, is the Bluetooth headset! You can listen to songs, then call, is driving, riding the first choice.

Smart watch male and female student sports waterproof smart bracelet

This is a multi-functional smart watches, fashion and technology go hand in hand, popular business, sports influx of people sought after. When the phone will gently shake, even in noisy environment will not miss important calls.

Pure copper gourd car key ring

A pure copper gourd key ring, gourd minimum belly big, can be a good gas field for the existing, with 锟斤拷锟斤拷 wealth, security of the meaning of peace.

Metallic bronze wishful company business gifts

Moire head decoration, Ganoderma coronal design, the court elegant production, which is the characteristics of wishful U disk, meaning good potential honor.