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Retro British wind, this summer you deserve to have ~
The pursuit of fashion seems to have become common practice, fashion is what? I think this thing is fashion again and again the classic cycle, the saying goes thirty years east three years Hexi. In this season's summer fashion, the retro British wind has a strong attack.

First in the early spring filled with England-style checkered shirt, and then to the staff of a retro school reading glasses. Feng shui turns the fashion industry, seemingly turn back to the simple personality. Those who represent the elements of the retro British style in the streets to capture their fashionable figure. So, in order to fight for the focus of the summer, some with a retro British wind of a single product is absolutely you bitch baby essential.

This classic table inspired by the ultimate mont blanc pens for sale movement of water sports, the appearance of rich sports beauty, smooth lines full of dynamic, fine matte and polished stainless steel case matched with a texture of black or white ceramic as a mosaic decoration, plus anti-dazzling Anti-wear sapphire crystal, the overall atmosphere of vitality, the details of the Department is simply impeccable.

mont blanc This classic and full of charm of the iconic style watch, decorated with a sun pattern of smoke mont blanc starwalker gray dial with 3 time disk, matched with hand-painted polished fine matte marked with a white fluorescent mark, can be described as Icing on the cake. Curved anti-wear double-sided anti-glare treatment of sapphire crystal table mirror scratch resistance is very strong, clear texture. Is a unique historical heritage to break through the boundaries, breaking the routine based on the classic works.

For men, a British-style suit dress, the most serious with a pair of pure texture of the shoes, and why men need a pair of good shoes? Because the shoemaker is the ancient industry of the birth of the West. Leather is a handicraft representative. Xiaobian recommended the following official shoes for us, it is usually the most wearing shoes on montblanc pens the right day, elegant and men's charm of the collection, I believe most people are difficult to resist.