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Others dress so nice? Thanks to these carefully!
Sometimes we will imitate the street shooting to learn to wear, but obviously the same match, wear out and street shooting feeling is much worse, in addition to the body and temperament of these irresistible factors, you may still lack a few key Accessories. Want to be like a fashionable fine as advanced sense of quality, which can easily assists ~ ~

mont blanc starwalker hat

A good hat like a dress with the crowning touch, so that the whole look are more dazzling, coupled with the appropriate hair, the whole people will be emitting light. Hat selection is also quite a lot, to learn to sub-occasions, sub-style to match.

Such as the straw hat, it is very suitable for the summer travel, and wear it very holiday style, nine to five wear a professional dress is very modely Andy, when the choice of travel with a straw hat with a shoulder print dress, The whole person soft up. Your daily may also use mont blanc fountain pen it to match with some soft clothing, such as skirts, or lace, chiffon, lotus leaf side of this romantic women's clothes. And for some of the more neutral wind, leisure sports wind, tide handsome clothes, baseball cap is a good choice for the injection into the vitality. Newspaper cap can be handsome and writable, simple with wear child hat, so that the whole body with more charming.

Necklace stack

In recent years, choker swept the world, because this little accessories can make a lot of the whole with a lot of points, but also modified the face. Choker is still not weakened this year, but in order to pursue individuality, now more popular stacked, more highlights the charm.

A word shoulder in the summer is very hot, put on the neck will be more empty, necklace to play a role, and stacked wear you look more refined and beautiful. Large V-neck or low-cut can be a perfect show necklace beauty, add charm. If there is no high value, then the neck as much as possible to stay on the gap before wearing a multi-necklace, otherwise it will appear too cumbersome, no breathing.


Fashion fine who are always good at using small details to attract the eye, go out wearing a pair of sunglasses, you can cool the concave shape, not only that, the eyes are the soul of the window, wear it can also block the dazzling sun anti- Protect the windows of the mind

Sunglasses give people is a cool temperament, more suitable for casual fashion with, Ma Si-chun and Song Qian wearing a large sunglasses, wearing a loose casual T-shirt appeared in the airport street shooting, look very small face, there is a cool Cool mystery. Wearing sunglasses out of concave shape, wearing a personalized clothing, an exaggerated little makeup, coupled with ribbons or necklaces will be more appropriate. Many influx of people are wearing sunglasses out concave shape, can be described as a big weapon ah. For office workers, wearing a shirt or shirt skirt at the same time wearing a pair of sunglasses, then a lot of fashionable.


Belt is not just a functional single product, and it is also montblanc timewalker a strong decorative, although inconspicuous, but it mont blanc ballpoint pens can be a big plus for the shape. Belt can be significantly waist, legs can also be used to concave concave shape, you see, Jiang Xin's micro-fat body wearing a piece of trousers after the belt is much taller ah