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Little fairy, do not let these five accessories ruined your little fresh
In the Mood for Love for our small fresh clothes or a small skirt is simply no resistance Oh ~ but you know you baby, a lot of accessories will be inadvertently destroyed a small fresh da da! However, many babies have not yet realized that they had to wear a super beautiful little skirt ready to go out shopping, but a small accessories directly to their own look and soil and counseling. Here small range of children to give you a bit of finishing, which parts will destroy the small mont blanc starwalker fresh.

Big ring earrings

Originally super small fresh skirt is to be accompanied by a large ring earrings, looks almost like four. Big circle would have been more mature and then the age of the small cute wind spicy eye index three stars!

2. gold necklace

For young people, the gold necklace is simply the fashion industry of landmines, the general people are afraid to step on. Originally very small fresh clothes matched with gold necklace, feeling instantly soil, and gives a very wonderful feeling.

Fishing nets

Although the fishing net socks is the hottest fashion this year, a single product, but it really is not what can take! So wear can not be weird, especially for the relatively thick legs of the baby, the meat was a little bit out of the feeling really super nausea. Fishing nets or holes with the most suitable for jeans.

4. short mouth stockings

Short mouth stockings and small skirts with short and wearing short-sleeved stockings with sandals the same effect. From the inside out of a montblanc pens middle-aged woman exudes both view, no matter how small the skirt can not stop the whole spicy eyes.

5. High-heeled shoes

Baby, small range of children really do not have mont blanc sale views on the waterproof, but it really and dress to take a little more. If it is and small fresh skirt hit together, people will feel very awkward, especially in the mid-season with the fish mouth, and simply destroyed the small fresh.

But it is a super fairy super small fresh dress, but it is every baby should have ~

mont blanc starwalker Recommended single product: blue floral skirt people as in the sea, feel the slightest cool cozy, cotton and linen fabric to make the whole look more fresh and fresh, round neck design briefs generous, simple elegance, also Let the small fresh more rich.

Recommended single product: the views of a white take a floral floral floral skirt, is undoubtedly the hottest match this summer. So that the charm of soft sister full distribution out, put on a pair of Roman shoes can not be more beautiful.

Recommended single product: light blue skirt as clear as the sky, in the hot summer gives a cool feeling, hollow lace upper body effect as fresh as the seaside. Puff Sleeve to make a small fresh add a little bit under the lovely soft Meng

Small range of children that are not complete, the baby you have thought of other spicy eyes with it? Such as skirt with leather pants Haha!