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Learn to use accessories to get you out of mediocrity! Handsome "fly" up ~
It is so that you are wearing a similar, no features. So in order to get rid of mediocre, in the summer streets are different, then we must use accessories! A hat, or a bracelet, or even change the style of socks, can make you stand out in the crowd.


Fisherman hat, English called Bucket Hat, if the literal translation, then called "bucket cap" more appropriate. The most traditional version features a small edge, with a circle of shade edges. The original fisherman's hat is made of wool, but now people seem to prefer thicker polyester, which mont blanc ballpoint pens is usually on both sides of the metal opening small ring, people in the summer is not too hot. The fisherman's hat has a shade effect, and in mont blanc the summer, a refreshing fisherman's hat distinguishes you from "bad kids" with baseball caps. And fisherman hat shape is not unusual, you can choose a different color, different patterns, increase the summer style. Bend the hat is both wearing a shade, but also have a mystery, long hat directly from the head across the cover part of the eye, a lot of TV series, the film killer are so a shape, Can be imagined its secret. However, the anti-wear of the curved canopy hat, not only exposed forehead more sunshine, but also more young and street pondering.

mont blanc ballpoint pens Bracelet

Hot summer weather, many men will wear a solid color short-sleeved t-shirt, this time the wrist will be nothing more empty, this time with a bracelet bracelet to increase the sense of weight on the right! Men want to wear bracelets, to choose simple style, clean and tidy style no matter what the bracelet stack can get. Today, color weaving, metal texture and leather bracelet especially by fashion people and stars love. Like the mix of men can also be several different styles of bracelet and watch together with the match, will produce a different effect Oh.

Color socks

In this summer can not wear the number of clothes in the summer, the most interesting men reflected in your socks.