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How do you wear a few streets? The answer is accessories
Fire for a whole year choker did not decline in the trend, this year is still hot fashion circles, as thousands of actress like to use the accessories, its role will not be small. This necklace necklace, is to modify the neck lines and stretch the proportion of fashion artifact, your goddess who put this necklace, temperament has improved several degrees.

Want to have a perfect swan neck, in addition to being born, but also with choker to shape ah. Naturally can stretch the neck of the line, this year you still can not miss it! Lanyard necklace Qiao Qiyou, eye-catching is not an exaggeration. Necklace in the accessories in the position is not to be underestimated, whether it is daily wear, or attend important occasions, a fine necklace can always countless powder. Fashion Week this year's show field, the necklace has changed the previous details, into a long section of the lanyard necklace, long version of the design, to the clothing played a very large role in the extra points. Lanyard necklace slightly more eye-catching than the conventional necklace, but with the clothing, but it is able to contract the overall bright spot, give you a monotonous ride with a lot of points.

Ring piles of wear, each finger are modern

Often concerned about the fashion street shoot and catwalk of the sister who can easily know that this year idol their fingers are not idle. Because this year popular in the fingers to wear piles of rings ah. Do not listen to the strange, but the hands of the piles of the ring is surprisingly nice ah ~ up to people learn to use classic and exaggerated style combination together, so it does not seem exaggerated complicated. This ring wearing law, as if to each finger are injected with vitality and freshness, the fingers of each action are modern handsome, but also highlights the delicate slender fingers.

Stack hand ring, handsome value max

Since the ring can be piles of wear, cool full of bracelet can also be used to push the law. Do not think that wearing a variety of bracelets will appear to be exaggerated, with a good tide is still good. Fashion bloggers often watch and bracelet worn on the wrist, this method is very suitable for white-collar workers, will be capable and intellectual temperament and the influx of people combined with the strength of the body. Bracelet stacking method as long as the same style can be combined together, so that the unity from the style will not seem nondescript, with the personal style with free.

Earrings prefer long and super large section

Earrings this link must have ah! No earrings to embellish the fashion is not cheap mont blanc pens fashionable, fashionable fine who can not follow. Especially the large and long terms of the necklace, this year is particularly popular. Modern earrings more popular and more fashionable, whether it is ring or hot full of elements and pearl elements, these ears will be enlarged to a size to attract the eye. Long terms of the earrings are fashionable people keen fashion artifacts, ear lines of the design modification from the face of the effect is to the bar, in the visual moment there is the effect of melon seeds face.

montblanc timewalker Narrow scarves on the line, pattern usage together scarf heavy debut, but also a big fashion will kill technology. But this year's popular scarves made improvements, into a narrow section, in the visual effect of a necklace. To do a narrow section of the scarf compared to the wide version of the scarf is more gentle and practical, and can be arbitrarily change usage, whether it is used to do hair band, necklace bracelet, or as a bag with a new height The Fashion mont blanc starwalker bloggers will play a new height of scarves, scarves of their own color is so eye-catching, as long as a little embellishment, you can instantly get rid of others a few streets, so fast up ah!