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Fashion is not fashionable key to watch accessories
Wearing jewelry, belts, scarves and other accessories, you can make plain clothes montblanc boheme become beautiful and extraordinary, the shape of the accessories have multiple uses: to increase the level, enhance the texture, echo clothing single product design details ... ... In short, in order to increase the overall shape of the Look and fashionable degree! No accessories fashion is not complete!

Used to wear accessories, only slowly expand the scope of the attempt to compare bold, and the usual style of a far cry from the accessories. I suggest you can start with some basic but also chic accessories to start, these accessories with your ordinary clothing, there will be another style of their own. Such as elegant necklace, with any color neutral silk scarf, a few pairs of funny earrings ... ...

mont blanc starwalker Blue and other exaggerated necklace with black dress, so that the whole with a Aspect, do not seem boring. Wear exaggerated complex necklace or earrings and other jewelry, will make this white skirt full of vitality. This red and yellow belt is the highlight of the match, the bag above the pink scarf with echo, very perfect match. Bright scarf exaggerated necklace to this neutral color skirt embellishment is very extreme, suddenly a lot more Aspect.

Do not be too deliberately with. Maybe you want to use blue earrings with blue dots on skirts. But sometimes, this degree of match will look a bit outdated or naive. Add mont blanc some unexpected but surprising accessories, show your creativity, add fun to your clothes. Use the color wheel to find interesting, complementary color.

Bags, shoes, bracelets and clothing hit color, and its hard to find the same color of the accessories, it is better to use hit color series accessories. On the color wheel, yellow is the complementary color of purple, blue is the complementary color of orange. Your dress is absolutely pleasing to the eye, shines.

Wear a dress that highlights a color on a garment. If the clothes have many colors, with accessories highlight one of the low-key color, you can make the overall dress more interesting. For example, if the skirt is black, and a small flower pattern, may be able to wear a green ceramic bracelet, with the color of the leaves of flowers. Highlight one of the colors can make the overall dress looks coordinated, elegant.