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Exquisite accessories, enrich your colorful life
A small pair mont blanc pens of accessories, but it can play a significant role, especially to the present season, wrist, neck are exposed, this is the sister who need exquisite accessories to embellish you, so you have a different feeling, Stylish and exquisite accessories, plus different winds

mont blanc fountain pen 1. fashion punk wind skeleton bracelet ring. Fashion cool punk wind bracelet, personality full of tide, bracelet ring at the same time, a super feel a, so you have a different gas field to personality.

2. Sterling silver transfer beads hand-carved clavicle chain. Sterling silver material, high quality, stylish transport beads, unique creative mont blanc design, Seiko secret agents of the hand, highlight the classic quality of the chain chain, stylish and refined.

3. Jane Sven's pearl stretch bracelet. Stylish and wild stretch pearl bracelet, stylish and exquisite selection of high-quality pearls, unique and meticulous design, simple and gentle, very wild a pearl bracelet yo, pure hand-made.

4. Exquisite love bracelet. Small and small bracelet, but great fashion, fashion crystal diamond, beautiful color, very bright, give you not the same fashion and exquisite, to do an elegant temperament sister.

5. Korean version of the love key bracelet ladies. Super fashionable Korean version of the love key bracelet, very delicate chain, worn on the wrist temperament multiplied, creative love key design, giving the bracelet a certain sense of fashion, very weary.

6. Necklace female long section of crystal accessories. Long crystal necklace, thick European and American style, no matter what you wear clothes are simple wild, ultra-long section is a very temperament of a, two layers of three free with, wearing a super feel.

7. Korean necklace female clavicle chain short section. Stylish exquisite clavicle chain, give you not the same fashion and sexy, lace hollow design, a slight trace of sexy and stylish, stylish metal pendant, full mont blanc pens discount of personality and fashion.

8. angel wings necklace female clavicle chain. Alloy plus super flash micro-diamond design, exquisite and beautiful, super suction eye of a chain of chain, thin chain design, super-temperament, angel wings pendant, very stylish atmosphere.