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Do not ignore the accessories, but they are fashionable bloggers of the fashion Cheats
I believe a lot of love the fashionable girls, will pay attention to some fashion people, watching them fashion and good-looking wear, but also could not help but imitate learning. However, most of the girls may only pay attention to the bloggers of these clothes, skirts, shoes, etc., but often overlooked the most finishing touch of accessories. In fact, the accessories in the overall mix is ??also very important, just right with the accessories, often more to make your overall with extra points.

Metal ring bag

Bags as the weight of accessories, always at first glance to attract each other. This year's fashionable streets, bloggers are almost all with a metal ring bag captured, exquisite metal ring can be portable, with a woman's lace or chiffon skirt soft among the more handsome.

Exaggerated earrings

Summer girls must be hair hair, will be exposed! why? Of course, is to be able to bring all kinds of earrings ah! To know, shake up the earrings, the most able to attract straight men's eyes! And this year, from the show field to street shoots are popular to wear exaggerated earrings, exaggerated big earrings not only to interpret the different styles, but also a small face Oh! So, in front of the beautiful earrings, playing ear hole pain and what is it!

Nerd glasses

mont blanc fountain pen Retro wind resurgence, with gold silk side nerd glasses reveals a literary scholar atmosphere, whether you near myopia, tide girls like to bring a pair of fine bones of nerd glasses, so that they look full of literary and artistic atmosphere , Both significant temperament and catch up with the pace of fashion.

Slogan baseball cap

Scorching sun in summer, even if you do not like to umbrella, also need a hat to block the strong sunshine. With Slogan culture, more and more fashionable people began to wear their own fashionable attitude, with a slogan baseball cap has become a fashionable choice of fine street, cool girls have chosen with a slogan Baseball cap, a rate and lively blowing.


We often wear less seem to care about the girdle of the decoration, but when it comes to the girdle, it can be the most intuitive highlights the woman's waistline, elongated body lines, even a simple T-shirt, coupled with the waist is also a moment Becomes no longer monotonous. Girdle or flat chest girl's welfare, with a shirt skirt can also be minutes to break the H-shaped body of the curse, feminine bursting.

Decorative shoes

Sometimes a simple dress up as long as the pair of out of the beautiful shoes, you can make the color out of color. And now the fashion circle of the most popular US shoes are also starting to go gorgeous retro line, embroidery, flowers, pearls and other elements of the decoration so that a mont blanc ballpoint pens pair of beautiful shoes become delicate and charming.

Accessories are small, but can not easily overlooked, after all, with a good, can make you in the whole with icing on the cake, and sometimes sometimes, humble wear but because of one or two just right accessories, and become a fashion. So, the beauty of the girls, these exquisite little accessories have to get up Oh!