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Clothing with no matter how good, or need to focus on accessories to enhance the temperament and clothing!
Usually dressing quite lawful, in fact, only one eye-catching accessories, not only to extend the proportion of the body, but also to make the whole clothes clothing montblanc boheme rise, temperament immediately increased by 10 times! Today is to say that the belt. With the belt outline the curve, both to improve the proportion of waist extension, but also significantly thin temperament!

Ordinary Siamese pants, dresses, plus a belt after the details of the richer, feeling the clothes are "expensive" a lot ~ casual dress, plus a belt of the careful machine, immediately enhance the fashion sense.

montblanc meisterstuck Fine belt + dress

Thin belt with dress, full of feminine. Ordinary shirt-style dress with a woven thin belt, so sweet up! Sling with a small umbrella skirt with a woven belt, more highlights the slender girl waist, by age full score. A brown thin belt to break the black dress dull. You see, a suitable belt is to enhance the overall sense of quality, so that the wearer temperament elegant.

Wide belt + suit

what! Belt can also be in the suit outside? In fact, this has long been with the friends, the balance of the suit of hard gas, an increase of feminine and temperament. Retro suit, in the waist and then on a belt, more charm. Belt to choose a wider range of styles, you can outline the stiffness of the waist line.

Wide belt + high waist wide leg pants

Speaking of high waist wide leg pants, itself is to improve the waist of a major artifact, and then with a wide belt, so that the legs montblanc pens stretch elongated ~ classic black and white with black wide belt with white wide leg pants, leg! Choose a bright color of the belt, but also to the whole dress to increase the highlights.

This year's trend is a striped design casual suit, a woman can wear a dry handsome texture, wearing a high degree of comfort, there is no tight sense of restraint, shaping the type of self-cultivation. Simple and generous of a white belt, but can give you a lot of dress, refined and wild! Narrow version of the soil is mont blanc very nice, bought with a special skirt ride Belt work is very good, bright skin, metal texture is very good! With any shirt T-shirt is good-looking, very practical very stylish girdle! Clothes instantly rose the grade, wild quality details are very good!