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Boys learn these two small summer accessories, so you dominate the summer!
As a do not install 13 tide male, accessories in place, nothing is right! Summer is undoubtedly the tide men sad season, usually able to wear the clothes less pathetic, in addition to T-shirts, T-shirts or T-shirts, shirts, shirts or shirts, tide sinks in this write a capitalized bold heart (de) Pain (se)!

Relieved like, montblanc timewalker although the boys can wear clothes are limited, and are paste copy the same paragraph. Tide feel that if you rely on accessories to rescue it, it should still be able to rescue the tide of the fashionable taste!

Accessories: Men's hat

The boy's hat is properly written in 13 words. But what is the relationship between it, handsome to you to keep the nosebleed it! Although men can choose clothes are a bit too small, but the hat is a lot of it! Cap, hat, fisherman hat, straw hat

Men are essential, but also the majority mont blanc of boys can accept the hat, it is none other than the cap. A certain cap to cover the boys are looming eyes, creating a mystery. And with a full of street elements, is so uninhibited and fashionable! Wild models, no matter what the boys wear clothes can be put out of the cap on a!

Summer boys are definitely more beloved hat mont blanc ballpoint pens is none other than it! Breathable, breathable, breathable Important things to say is three times, and quickly take a small book down. Curled straw hat not only shade, but also a gentleman, with a point of retro feeling, too fashionable! Burnt-edge color stitching design appears to be more advanced hat, but also seem to have more taste of boys.

Fisherman hat is the favorite of the men, fisherman hat fabric is different from the above two kinds of hat, more comfortable, and fisherman hat is also a little modified face effect. Casual wind and street children have, wherever they are fashion tool. The hat will not be long, causing the line of sight to cover.

Accessories 2: watch

Relative to other accessories, the watch is a lot of men can accept a single product. Choose a high-quality watch not only looks more tasteful boys, more outstanding, but also between the invisible to enhance the overall temperament of boys.

This watch is a very good choice. Simple body looks more men are capable, soft leather strap more fit wrist, more comfortable. Exquisite design of the dial even more men's temperament, it seems more men taste.

mont blanc ballpoint pens Summer you want a color of the boys may wish to try to decorate with your accessories. Think of the streets filled with copy of the back of the back, suddenly appeared in the crowd a bright spot, how can not attract people's attention? So, occasionally to be a thought boy, looking for dazzling jewelry dress up is not it can not ah!