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A little care machine accessories, give you the perfect Valentine's Day
Earrings are the most able to show the charm of women's accessories, wearing a special feminine, different earrings can play a different modification of the role of the face of the girl's best choice is a long pendant earrings, because the vertical Long lines can be visually stretched face, look longer face, not so large.

Angular face or cheekbones relatively high face for round earrings, curled ear-shaped earrings is also a good choice, because the sleek accessories can be soft and tough facial lines, so you look more gentle, not special Like a boy, it will not look hard to get close.

Rose gold ear line is really very little girl heart, brisk and elegant, outline the delicate and elegant lines, show your colorful style. Dynamic ball round tassel design, subversion of the traditional earrings dull visual effects, rose gold color colorful and eye-catching, highlighting your white skin color, enhance the noble and elegant temperament, whether it is hair or hairy ponytail can wear this ear Line Oh, the United States and mont blanc pens discount the United States da

Earrings are also ears of the wizard, elegant and tactful, showing women as gentle water. Loving design looks good, smooth and angry lines make this earrings more features, and it has two ways to wear Oh, in the ears show the effect is lively and naughty, full of age, with cowboy skirt or Is a good dress to see it?

This love the shape of the chain of clavicle and the top of the earrings a little matching feeling, three-dimensional heart-shaped pendant is romantic love expression, suitable for boys to buy a girlfriend Oh, that you are dependent, 18K gold material Shine, worn between the neck is very eye-catching, sleek love will not have sharp edges and corners, wear and fit and comfortable. This is really my love a necklace ah ah!

mont blanc starwalker And finally share with you a stylish and small stars mont blanc pens of the star shape ring it ~ a diamond, again and again polished, seemingly simple design has paid a great effort to the craftsmen, just to make happiness at the fingertips bloom. Every diamond is particularly shining, low-key and luxurious, with this jewelry, amazing at the date of your bar!