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6 small care machine accessories, bring you the new spring and summer LOOK
And boyfriend dating, the United States and the United States makeup, fashion wear, the perfect hairstyle, as if everything is complete, but still feel that something missing? Yes, Xiaobian think the girls are still missing a small favorite accessories, to make themselves look more perfect. People rely on clothes that is right, but the saffron is also need to set off the green leaves Well, as long as a little bit of small accessories, you can make you more perfect, so that your boyfriend eyes have been around you around. Even if there is no boyfriend's sister, Xiao Bian also is the beauty of it, not to mention the United States and the United States out of the mood will only become better?

1. Diamond false earrings hair bands

A hair can be adjusted according to the head, suitable for any type of girl to wear, the headband decorated with sparkling stones and pearls, looks sweet. But also at both ends of the hair band plus a removable false earrings, do not look like a real earrings like the same, I feel that the cumbersome sister can take it off Oh!

2. Chiffon knot hair hoop

Small feathers chiffon hair bands, wide version of the wear is very comfortable, not to the head too much pressure. Type is also very nice, left and right asymmetric design, while the side of the pattern is a solid color, it seems that is not monotonous Bordered a little light cooked ancient Fan children, dark green is very temperament, beige and there is a fairy's temperament.

3. Pearl flower ear line

montblanc boheme Now more and more accessories on the ears, not only earrings, earrings and ear lines. Now the ear line slowly brought the trend of fashion, Xiao Bian recommended this ear line looks very elegant, rose plus pearl mont blanc starwalker design, ear is electroplating gold, is the United States and the United States is very feminine.

4. Long section asymmetrical earrings

Stars and the moon as an accessories must be together, which has done an asymmetrical design of the earrings, the stars and the moon separated, but still against each other. Very special, the same is the United States and the United States, earrings is 925 silver material, so my sister do mont blanc pens not have to worry about allergies.

5. Double-layer geometric clavicle chain

This chain of clavicle has a very Western name, called choker. The clavicle chain can stretch the neck line so that the neck looks longer. This chain of clavicle is handmade, behind the extension of the chain can be extended, double the design, so that the geometric pattern of the pendant can be hanging to the clavicle.

6. Small wafer minimalist pendant

The more simple the better, this necklace is so simple. Necklace chain is a very fine alloy chain, mont blanc fountain pen even the pendants are simple and a small wafer. Although the necklace as a whole is simple, but wearing a particularly good-looking.