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6 metal accessories, so that men concave tough temperament
Weekly life among men want to try different styles, metal accessories are the best accessories. Whether it is a ring or necklace, or convergence in the men's body of the other accessories, can experience a different fashion charm.

Some people say that the necklace for winter, I do not agree, wearing a T-shirt summer wear necklace, more men are mont blanc sale handsome; Quake style is Superman's symbol, people worship.

montblanc pens Small card package, the use of elastic cloth will be two aluminum links, the thickness of the control according to demand, unlike the leather wallet so bloated, the outer side of the stainless steel wallet can clip the thickness of 15 people. Removable metal wallet, you should have not used it, with a neat and neat appearance, unlike the leather wallet as bloated procrastination, with a special screwdriver, wallet can be removed for each part of the installation, technical pants love.

Brass leather key ring, with a brass whistle as accessories, very tight, will buckle the force to break apart the key to install up, key ring fixed points rivets and screws. Men with accessories, as little as possible to choose the cortex, with easy to bring out the mother's image, metal accessories is the first choice for men, hard texture, such as men's tough guy temperament.

Metal ceramic ring, the surface plated 18K rose gold, the outer ring of metal and inside the black ceramic composition of the atmosphere of the atmosphere, there is a certain shape, couple models Oh.

Most of the modern men's belt, with its own iron buckle head, in addition to the pattern has to force grid, no other advantages, and pure copper belt buckle comes with the baptism of time, more prominent mont blanc pen men's precious and calm and sophisticated.

Most men can not do without the lighter, the first to use smoking, followed by a symbol of his men is a popular, recently more popular USB charging lighter, no fuel.

This lighter is charging lighters, like the phone, with its own wire, charging can be used, small and handsome appearance is also very handsome, the surface can also be customized according to personal preferences characters, patterns and so on.