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5 spring and summer accessories reveal your fashion ambition
Warm month, choose a relatively simple dress, not through layers of meticulous match mont blanc pens to show the distinctive taste, but you can still customize the exclusive accessories, so that you are wherever they are eclectic. Adapt to the season selection, this spring and summer, the details is the key.

montblanc timewalker A sunglasses

This is an indisputable consumer must be a single product, not careful choice, not only will lead to your image collapse, may also affect your vision. Not all boutique design can make you add charm, suitable for your face sunglasses frame, is the most comfortable. Mention the color and material, tortoiseshell mirror is the eternal classic. From short-sleeved shirt, twill cotton pants and sandals to swim trunks and loose mud vest, you can easily match the fashion range of children.

Second, scarves

Scarves can be carefully neatly around the neck, you can also casual loose in the shoulders, the length should not exceed the crotch. With cotton or linen fabric, as well as summer short-sleeved shirt, khaki pants and leather sandals or boat shoes, are suitable with. If you are very picky for the dress, scarves can also be added to your dress a trace of low-key luxury. Pure color scarves suitable for head-to-foot uniform color of the clothing, printing, dot pattern is also more popular this year.

Three, pocket towel

Like the scarves, gray, mont blanc fountain pen white, blue pocket square can be used to modify the uniform color of the whole body with. And Paisley, dot, low-key animal patterns and flower-flavored square, more suitable for casual wear casual occasions. Materials, silk towels are classic eternal choice, many brands also provide cotton pocket towel, made a slight adjustment to the season.

Four, belt

Black, brown and navy color belt has been mont blanc common, all year round are wearing. Woven belt is very suitable for this season, perfect with some suede clothing and textiles. Such as long-sleeved T-shirt, Slim twill cotton pants and sailing shoes. Twill belt style leisure, suitable for beach vacation; and nylon ribbon with thin hooded jacket, T-shirts and twill cotton pants, more suitable for outdoor fitness sports.

Five, stealth socks

We do not have to continue to wear a pair of ugly socks or sweat wet shoes like to choose between, and a pair of stealth socks at the time. Invisible socks the right size is, just can wrap your entire face, and will not exceed the ankle, exposing the edge of socks. In order to prevent your heels from being worn, the choice of comfort for stealth socks is very important.