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4 pants essential spring accessories Tips
Spring is always very casual, in mont blanc the night, you suddenly found in Sanlitun outside the place to see the flower skirt and white flower of the thigh, and a time to expose the meat of the exposed meat, the show legs mont blanc starwalker show legs. Often at this time, the major city of the man who began to anxious, home rummaging through, and found that the big vest is the Jackets. Yes, this is the consequence of ignoring the spring wardrobe.

mont blanc pens discount Spring may be a bit embarrassing for men, but as long as the next little effort on the accessories, you can wear new clothes. The following four small Tips, remember, learn, and can hold live spring girls.

TIPS 1: scarves still have to have

Men who can be the place where the original is not much, scarves are a few can be a few finishing touch of accessories. Spring is not so hot can not wear scarves, and occasionally can prevent wind, but the decorative effect is still greater than the actual role.

Here recommended lightweight silk, or linen material, wool is absolutely impossible, cotton is not recommended. The length should not be longer than the middle of the thigh, but also need enough length, can be loose on the neck.

TIPS 2: Show the guy at the waist

Unlike the winter inside and outside several layers, the spring can be easier to brighten the guy. Belt is also a good tool to show the charm of male, such as "fifty degrees gray" in the Gray there is a very good collection (he used to do what I do not know).

Absolutely can not be used in winter or dress with thick and wide belt, that in the spring and summer will appear too bloated and cumbersome. Spring is best to buy one or two weaving or twill cloth belt, this is generally very cheap, and more casual, material is also more lively. Can be accompanied by a similar material Oxford shirt, or a little Chinese-style linen shirt, and then take a chemical fiber coat.

TIPS 3: hide the socks and expose the ankle

Exposed ankle is not a woman's montblanc pens exclusive sexy, and we have no European and American people so cold, but the spring exposed an ankle or no problem. (Poor cold resistance, April is still wearing Qiuku when I did not say)

TIPS 4: Make a proud four-eyed chicken

Light pollution so serious today, "bright blind" is not a legend. In addition to protecting the eyes of sunglasses, the most important function or decoration. Whether driving or walking, carrying a pair is always good. Even if not wear, stuck in the collar, pocket, strap, but also have a good effect.