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2018 the most influx of accessories are here!
01 large geometric minimalist metal earrings

Whether it is clothing shoes or bags of hats, casually an ordinary single product with metal rings, can be transformed into a trend symbol, let us surprise this magical ring actually has such a stylish charm.

02 hat to join the ring of the cap is the star of the domestic and foreign models are necessary. Ring with chains, handsome doubled! As well as the top of the stomatal hit color design, simply not too special! Put on a simple hoodie, punk girl Fan go!

Last year, the popular Japanese Harajuku wind, with its interesting mix of mix and match style to win a lot of young people like the favor of young people. Look at its long streamer! Big ring! In addition to pulling the wind, I can not think of what can be said?

mont blanc pens for sale 03 neck

It is estimated that we have already guess Xiaobian will say choker, yes, that is from the fire last year to the present, mont blanc starwalker almost out of date "dog belt" simple but not simple, it is consistent with minimalist expression of fashion concept. Who said the more the more the better look? Less and fine, is really fashionable! To recommend a floating belt models, in addition to the iconic ring, both ends of the metal ball to increase the weight of choker, long hanging in the chest appears mont blanc pens to be more slender neck Oh!

04 waist

Belt and belt is this year's resurgence of fashion with. Very simple wind wear, waist decoration is to play the role of needle thread, mont blanc absolutely not less. More than a ring is more of a fashion, so simple and crude. Originally inconspicuous black belt plus one of the circle has become so low-key!

If you think the big ring is too exaggerated, this direct ring with a ring to take a good balance between do not want to be too conspicuous and want to fashion sister. Unique clasp design, highlighting a low-key luxury.

After reading these, do not know if you have the right heart? Fast to their own with a big ring, surrounded by fashion it!