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  • Low-key does not play, such a mix of accessories, you can with a whole year
    Accessories began to wear, personalized fun jewelry mix and match, has gradually become a street show people show personal style one of the way, especially this low-key does not play the mix and match skills, it is worthy of our good practice yo.

    mont blanc ballpoint pens Watch bracelet with the color wear

    Gold watch + gold chain with the modeling is no longer "native" exclusive, in this season's fashion week street shooting frequently appear, cheap mont blanc pens showing its popularity. This watch will be regarded as accessories, weakening its functional with the more but with the trendy fashion.

    Golden bracelet with rose gold watch comes with a sense of elegance, fit the wrist strap fine and comfortable, with winding bracelet, more prominent personal style. With gold-plated bracelet fashion bracelet, double lap style flexible, for the watch to wear more of the mix and match new ideas.

    Rings are stacked in sequence

    With a classic meaning of the seal ring is the rise of a new popular, unique ring table using retro pattern carving or gem mont blanc pens mosaic, and the integration of the male ring rugged shape, look more atmosphere. They will be stacked in order, will be distributed under the rebellious attitude of the fashionable atmosphere. The most special seal ring can be customized models, your ideas and stories into the seal, will be the best decoration.

    Collar and pendant shine

    When the handsome collar encounters a soft pendant, this is a combination of inspiration and collision, the use of tough metal material re-interpretation of retro style collar, and its combination with the pendant, shaping the rigid and soft and the new era of female image. Sometimes such mashups can be self-prepared themes, such as a sea of wind, it will shells, fish, anchors and other related accessories, mix, presumably pick the process must be very interesting. As the mix and match will involve a combination of different materials and colors, where we recommend that you choose the same color to match, so that the overall visual effects more unified and coordinated.

    Eye-catching earrings

    With the personality of large size earrings, full ear earrings and ear clip clips and other new earrings the rise of unilateral wear earrings extended with more combinations. Eye-catching personality of the unilateral earrings greatly enhance the personal gas field and temperament, which is a great way to show personal style.

    On the earrings mix and match, you can consider the earrings + long earrings with a combination of different left and right in the visual contrast, in order to produce a special contrast to the United States.

    2017-10-19 08:48:23
  • Small details of large grade, autumn and winter montblanc timewalker men with these places worthy of thought
    Details of the devil, a small pair of accessories can highlight the big taste, as long as spend a little thought, in the monotony of the general public, you will be able to come to the fore,

    Knitted hat

    Warm winter is always the first priority, the headdress on a warm knitted hat is essential. In addition to warm, the static and winter winter often give men hairstyle caused no small trouble, do not want to wash your hair in the early autumn and winter morning, knitted hat can also cleverly deal with mont blanc messy hair, very practical.


    Scarves have not been exclusive of the ladies, and this warm and excellent, excellent quality, with a single color in the autumn and winter is almost a man of the tide of men. Different materials of different systems of scarves, can bring a completely different montblanc timewalker feeling. Simply wrapped around the neck, the rate of freedom and freedom;


    A portable capacity, durable and lively bag not only for men's travel provides a convenient, in the concave modeling bag is also a skill, can make the image of men more three-dimensional more complete.

    montblanc pens Speaking of male bags, briefcase is one of the most able to show the taste of men. In the daily commuting, put the file, office supplies and even personal objects, briefcases can easily competent. And simple, introverted, good leather briefcase, and your suit and leather completely reconciled, absolutely give you the image of an elegant gentleman greatly extra points.


    Watch is more to show a person's own attitude towards life and strict sense of time. Time is the same for us, but when you look at the watch the moment, you control the time belongs to your own, and further, you also have their own life.


    Socks have always been the most neglected wardrobe accessories, we tend to pay attention to its practicality and ignore its decorative. Many times, carefully with the socks can give you the overall dress add luster, in the formal occasions to show personal style, leisure occasions, then show the taste of shaking rush.

    2017-10-17 08:45:31
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