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  • Accessories | small fashion necklace decoration, so you temperament and refined
    Clothes today, as usual to recommend a few beautiful United States and the United States, you will like da da!

    Short pieces of decorative small ribbon

    Wild fresh scarf, spring and summer super popular Oh, in this monotonous hot season, a flower scarf with fresh air summer, is a good choice Oh, so you can change the fashionable people can use Oh, Tied to the hair is also beautiful.

    The color is golden style, suitable for all kinds of taste of the crowd, casually ride out how clothes are good-looking, this baby can not only hang in the neck Oh, when the hair rope, hair belt and hanging in your bag are The same beauty tired Kazakhstan.

    Pentacle pendant ornament

    Black necklace with sparkling drops of five-pointed pendant, upper body effect is really particularly praise, more than the average necklace more sense of detail, and not too monotonous, summer is indispensable fashionable small details.

    Pentacle pendant ornament

    A simple necklace with hanging hanging hit the five-pointed pendant, see the photo to know how beautiful it is wild, summer clothes some collar is relatively low, montblanc pens with such a necklace will not be too skinny Oh!

    Korean black lace necklace

    Hot summer, even with the clothing, but also need a choker to be decorated with a simple match with this eye-catching choker will be able to show you completely different temperament.

    Chain clip of the small design, won the girl's favorite, lace material highlights feminine, double necklace design with a simple metal pendant, bring out the soft neck and sexy clavicle line.

    Fashion necklace necklace

    Popular black short necklace, retro fashion sense full, cool and cool with wood, but also very obvious neck thin, elegant pearl pendant, exquisite fashion embellishment, wear is not how to take the United States and the United States da it?

    montblanc pens This necklace is very beautiful to wear super sweet da, metal chain pendant shining drops, is not fresh Fan children also with Jane European style, with clothes out of the street is really good, if you want to be a fine woman to hurry To wear it!

    Fashion short necklace female

    Design fashion, from wearing to consider, worn on the neck, it seems fashionable decent, like a dancing wizard fell into the mortal, full of diamond necklace inlaid shape, but also into the popular Shijia crystal pendant, icing on the cake The

    Fashion shining even in the distance can also be attracted by mont blanc starwalker its beauty, near its technology to attract, with a crystal-like shine, Smart, bright light and shadow, each angle is shining different colors, dazzling Color, style exquisite fashion for you to add beautiful beauty.

    2017-06-27 11:01:40
  • Sun can also concave shape? These summer accessories make you fried
    Sun sun sun fire, summer modeling the most hot! However, the trend of the clothing will soon rotten the street, how can the summer dress is different, but also a high degree of beauty? Not satisfied with the mont blanc pen single style of clothing white, they have to rely on accessories to Minato friends. In this season, each of the cells are hot, do not "make" a little new head, "concave" a new style, it seems that are not really a real fashion girl!

    Even if you mont blanc have the United States if mont blanc pens for sale the angel, still need to have icing on the mont blanc sale cake. "10 pieces of luxury clothing, lost a good accessories," said the accessories is the magic of the eye, but also the way the focus of the way to win the magic weapon.

    1, large frame sunglasses. This sunglasses, simple lines, modeling atmosphere. Big frame glasses is best to set off the palm of your hand, wild style can be matched with any dress style, but also mont blanc pens enough to be a variety of face control. Polarized sunglasses, effective isolation of ultraviolet rays, sunscreen at the same time more clear vision.

    2, sunscreen beach hat. Do not wear a hat to go out, your face but also not the Summer out of this must have a straw hat! This hat, moderate edge, perfect cover the face of ultraviolet attack, linen lace fashion and style, rejection of ordinary straw hat several mont blanc ballpoint pens streets. Gray hat white hat top hit color processing is also soft and wild, can not wait, I'm going to start.

    montblanc meisterstuck 3, mont blanc starwalker silk sunscreen shawl. Indoor wear sleeveless, how to do outdoor? Can not accept the sunset montblanc boheme uniform stereotypes? Then choose this silk scarf it! Silk silk shawl wrapped body, skin-friendly breathable, both concave and elegant shape, but also effective isolation of ultraviolet light, the best of both worlds.

    4, color ocean film sunglasses. Cool sunglasses, of course, to mont blanc be accompanied by bright colors, this sunglasses, sunscreen of the mercury lens, shape design also take into account the various wild face! Blue, pink, black, yellow, a variety of colors for your choice, there must be a let you heart water.

    5, mesh leaves eaves hollow red straw hat. Summer will be booming. This big red cheap mont blanc pens straw hat where are bright spots, hollow eaves hollow design, shade at the same montblanc meisterstuck time also refreshing breathable. Foldable design, easy access. With clothing is also ladies Fan and aristocratic wind can match, one fell in love.

    6, summer shade scarf. This is a winter and summer can use the scarf, bright colors of the geometric flower pattern set off a rich national customs, small fresh breath blowing. Wrapped around in a halter top when a large shawl, is also mont blanc pens discount full montblanc timewalker of charm. Summer in the seaside or outdoor mont blanc fountain pen wear, both shade and show.

    7, big hat can be folded sun hat. Big hat sunscreen, all-round no dead spots blocking ultraviolet rays, mix and match the color patterns fashionable leisure. Double-sided with, free to fold, there are parent-child models Oh, it is necessary summer!

    8, black gray metal frame sunglasses. Black gray film outer ring is the light of the border design, montblanc pens fashion sense super! Metal trim, to enhance the quality of the entire sunglasses, the design of simple atmosphere, mont blanc starwalker but full of personality. Both retro, but also modern, wild variety of face. And your cool summer is simply the best cp!

    2017-06-26 10:34:36
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