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  • Not with the decoration, dare say that they really fashionable?
    Speaking of how to wear clothes, people always think of the first time to wear what style jacket, what color of the skirt, with high heels or flat shoes ... ... can really have a taste of wearing a master, what can wear nice people, in fact All win in the details.

    And bling bling modeling exaggerated accessories take the most, not a thick cheap nightclub wind, but now the most popular "cold" basic models.

    Black and white gray like a can play any imagination and creativity of the background board, only a little bit of the details of the embellishment, even a single light color can immediately wear clothing personality and tension.

    Even if it is a daily cowboy jacket, or wear bad there will be local style plaid shirt, a chic chocker, coupled with a classic small face sunglasses, there is no feeling too much force , But it is able to wear stars taste and taste.

    With the rule one: the more simple, the more advanced

    montblanc meisterstuck Even the red carpet on the makeup of enchanting Variety of female stars, appear in the airport and the crew when the seemingly "casual" shape, but also how simple and how to come. But as long as there is a little sense of the people who are recklessly tacit, these "airport capture", is not the painstaking efforts of the modeling team results.

    Good at the use of fashionable and simple and not extravagant clothes, with a variety of careful machine, the most common is the phone (shell), baseball cap, sunglasses, belts, beautiful lips or light naked lip has become her with a part of. These accessories make her look modeling, gentle and cool, Royal sister Mengmei, come in handy.

    Gold is the most common most wild accessories, and have the role of improving temperament. With white is elegant extravagance, with ont blanc black is mysterious high cold. So that a single moment on the shape of the full up. Of course, please stay away from the bridge on the audience nine nine bad metal.

    Whether it is a simple classic little black dress, or a fancy bright ont blanc flower skirt, to know is "people wear clothes", rather than "clothes to wear." Know the importance of blank, know the accessories are "finishing touch" rather than "protagonist". Chic earrings, the color of the gentle blush and lip color, highlights the white shoulders, and the natural good color. The same reason, when the clothes have enough attention when the other side can be more low-key point.

    Your accessories to follow your clothes and makeup to go, but also to follow your whole personality and temperament to go. Gentle or montblanc pens quiet, outgoing lively Ye Hao, for their own, can play a positive role in setting off.

    2017-05-24 11:16:31
  • I can guarantee that these accessories make you the focus of the audience
    Jewelry is used to decorate and wear, and some jewelry can play a fragrance, clean, landscaping and so on the role of good jewelry can make the wearer a new look, relaxed and happy.

    And jewelry and clothing with the very important, do not underestimate a small jewelry, jewelry and clothing with a very important, a small jewelry with a good can improve a person's temperament and charm. In any occasion, as long as wearing a reasonable, can become the focus of the audience.

    But the jewelry with no more than one or two is a delicate decoration and decorate, and more than three pieces are vulgar bear. Remember that jewelry is decorated only for the role of dress, so that I have to show the temperament is more in tune.

    Silver Lightning Fashion Simple Stud Earrings

    360 degrees fine polishing, each angle is shining wins, lightning fashion symbols, not bright spots and fun, so you suck the eyes countless.

    Long pendant lady earrings

    Exquisite workmanship, extraordinary temperament. Put it full of ladies temperament, look back smile, montblanc meisterstuck so many people dumping for you.

    mont blanc Love double heart shaped silver bracelet

    Really silver production, fine workmanship. White wrist by its embellishment, people Dunsheng love heart.

    Love concentric lock silver bracelet

    Exquisite fashion design, every time raising his hand is a charm of the show. Let your wishful princes to your dreams

    Creative fashion silver anklet

    Sexy white long legs, how can less fashionable anklet decorated. Every step is out of the extraordinary temperament, glamorous.

    Silver Diamond Clavicular Pendant

    Polished delicate, omnidirectional no dead angle sparkling mont blanc starwalker eye-catching. Intellectual tolerance, gestures between the filling extraordinary temperament.

    2017-05-23 10:57:20
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  • With too boring That is what you did not choose the accessories!
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