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  • In the ride almost fashion, so that men out of color is the details of the
    Summer, for most men, is undoubtedly the most sad season - usually can only wear two kinds of clothing: T-shirt + pants. We can show the attitude of fashion also followed less mont blanc pens and less. At this time, the wearing of jewelry began to become more and more important.

    In addition to the neat dress, the proper care of the accessories can play the role of finishing touch Oh, can not look down on men's accessories, some classic and trendy men's jewelry not only for your mix to add more Aspect, more let you Wear a unique style of self-style.


    Whether it is a star or fashion up to people, sunglasses are their indispensable, sunglasses style is very much, you can choose according to their own face. Accessories to their overall wear to embellish, so it is best to have their own clothes have a color echo, so the whole will be more harmonious. Sunglasses always give a sense of mystery, this can increase your charm.

    From the mix with the words, boys wearing sunglasses want to be more handsome type, then with a certain degree of work to pay attention to the principle. Fashion big frame sunglasses can be used with different fashion clothing or casual wear. Geometric shape sunglasses, then the basic can control the different types of clothing.

    Baseball cap

    The hat is also the men's concave shape necessary for men like the street should be more like the baseball cap, and baseball cap is now very popular single product, if you wear a basic single product, with a baseball cap is definitely very Fashionable, baseball cap, but very young age, and instantly make you full of vitality.

    Baseball cap can also create a mystery, so only so many people like, mont blanc pens for sale and will make you look more lively. For those who want to Shuai handsome, baseball cap can also make you look a little uninhibited temperament, young people will be fearless, of course, their own world to break into their own.

    mont blanc ballpoint pens Bracelet

    Today, only the watch has been unable to meet the trend of fashionable men, a men can upgrade the grade bracelet, fashion is not tired boil is also a good single product partner. Street beat in the coquettish grandfather covered with wrinkled hands tell us: how much weight your wrist can bear, you can win much praise.

    2017-08-17 10:26:55
  • 3 big spring and summer super tide male single product you and the star of the distance only difference it!
    A lot of boys for their own dress with a look of puzzled, why obviously we grow almost, all wear T-shirt jeans, he looks more than I look at Western style? It is because he spent more on the accessories than you mind Oh, such as the following three major spring and summer super tide male single product, you can shape your extra points ~

    Retro old hat

    Low sense of the full sense of the old hat in the style and wear with a considerable variety, without any restrictions, by many domestic and foreign trendy people love, ready to wear with. See you want the whole body to have the same color echo, or with the body of the main mont blanc starwalker colors contrast, the former is more coordinated, the latter is more conspicuous. The most important thing is to see you want to create the feeling, to give the streets, simple, and even fashion, will be with the hat on the words, totem, and change. Like the simple street wear men can use the hat to add a sense of hierarchy, to seize the overall focus. In addition to never low tide of black and white, the earth color and colorful bright hat also have a fan of love alone, the trend of men who may wish to try to see!

    Canvas shoes

    In the shoes of the rivers and lakes, Converse is the classic king of the trend, when mont blanc ballpoint pens the major brands continue to introduce new shoes competing fight, it always rely on the classic shoes to create the trend. It never faded aura. It is our youth tender period memories, but also the streets of the influx of people's mind good. In the fashion week of the street is always to capture its shadow. Spring and summer this year is no exception, and compared to the high tube, this year's low canvas shoes more fire.

    montblanc timewalker Simple black and white section is the most popular color, but also the most wild forever. Simple jeans with T-Shirt, at the foot of a pair of canvas shoes on a very personal type, in short, keep everything easier and better.

    3. Tide male personality pockets

    Pockets is absolutely out of your hands must be a handsome single product, the use of basic accessories, to create a neat simple style for the whole more points. A mobile phone, the key, the wallet out of the door, easy to carry for you is the focus, not to mention the hot summer, no longer carrying a backpack, almost hot to long eczema, back handsome pockets can go out.

    To plain T rendering, you can choose the color is more colorful colorful style, as a bright spot, to avoid the body is too monotonous, and more pockets more personality. Xu Wei Chizhou letter white T-shirt + jeans simple and refreshing, a red Supreme bag on the lighting shape, with the basic models with you to open the distance, fashion eye ~

    Like the style of the street style of men, black and white as the main color, coupled with a comfortable trousers, in the color to do changes, with the overall level of lively pockets lively.

    2017-08-16 10:43:58
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