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  • Summer boys do not these three accessories, you are mont blanc pens discount destined to lonely old!
    Summer, for most men, is undoubtedly the most sad season - usually can only wear two kinds of clothes: T-shirt + pants.

    Xiao Bian every day in every corner of the city, found that all men are wearing a similar, no features. If the girl is looking for you to take a conversation, are no way under the mouth; Xiaobian thought, want to be different in the summer streets, please use accessories.

    A hat, or a bracelet, or even change the style of socks, can make you stand out in the crowd. Today, this basic section, Xiao Bian will introduce you to the three accessories, wear them, feel the streets in the summer, "everyone is drunk I alone wake up" the sense of mission.


    Fisherman hat, English called Bucket Hat, if the literal translation, then called "bucket cap" more appropriate.

    The most traditional version features a small edge, with a circle of shade edges. The original fisherman's hat is made of wool, but now people seem to prefer thicker polyester, which is usually on both sides of the metal opening small ring, people in the summer is not too hot. Fisherman's hat

    The fisherman's hat has a shade effect, and in the summer, a refreshing fisherman's hat distinguishes you from "bad kids" with baseball caps. And fisherman hat shape is not unusual, you can choose a different color, different patterns, increase the summer style.

    Curved canopy

    Curved eaves hat do not need Xiaobian say more, right, In addition to the major trend icon with the outside, its unique retro style, whether it is wearing or anti-wear has a trend of people who have a unique charm.

    Bend the hat is both wearing a shade, but also have a mystery, long hat directly from the head across the cover montblanc timewalker part of the eye, a lot of TV series, the film killer are so a shape, Can be imagined its secret. However, the anti-wear of the curved canopy hat, not only exposed forehead more sunshine, but also more young and street pondering. For a lot of curved canopies, simple solid color is already the basic pattern, coupled with their own brand logo, totally natural structure of a no idea of ??the curved canopy can be described as the most popular. Coupled with the summer approaching, the hair soaked, the hat in turn, the hair up a lifted, forehead a dew, the streets of the influx of people both vision.

    Bracelet hot summer weather, many men will wear a solid color short-sleeved t-shirt, this time the wrist no things will appear more empty, this time with a bracelet bracelet to increase the amount of weight on the right!

    If the challenge ring to be simple

    mont blanc starwalker Bracelet is easy to look too soft, men want to wear bracelets, to choose simple style, clean and neat style, regardless of what the stack can be folded to get.

    Important things to say three times, men's bracelet is the main point of texture! Texture! Texture!

    Today, color weaving, metal texture and leather bracelet especially by fashion people and stars love. Like the mix of men can also be several different styles of bracelet and watch together with the match, will produce a different effect Oh.

    But need to pay attention to the number of superimposed bracelets should not be too much, otherwise not only will not increase the charm but is a cumbersome.

    Wearing a color stockings, in this already can not wear the number of clothes in the summer, the most interesting men on your socks.

    1 printed socks

    Print socks inadvertently exposed will make the image of the infinite vitality, young ten years old is not a problem. But men print socks do not like women can have all kinds of patterns, it is recommended to buy geometric printing, such as stripes, checkered, wave point is a good choice.

    2 socks and socks

    Summer often pants side, this time even if the exposed socks in the color and material clearance is also prone to hot. So I suggest that men prepare a few pairs of socks, preferably shallow mouth socks, that mont blanc socks edge to the instep that kind of.

    2017-05-26 11:01:44
  • Mature men need wisdom and need expensive mont blanc pens for sale accessories
    There are taste, mature men are always more popular with women, and these men will always bring a few pieces of jewelry to highlight his style, such as pocket towel, tie clip, cufflinks ... ... but a suitable watch more Instantly enhance the charm of men.

    Watch to watch the initial decoration of the norms for the source of inspiration, the appearance of simple, exquisite design, the use of the whole side of the engraved silver plated gold dial. Table contains 2.4 mm extremely slim mechanical self-winding movement, with eccentric balance wheel. Ultra-thin movement of the production process is extremely difficult, due to high precision, a little carelessness may be biased, affecting the accuracy. Watch the back of the sapphire crystal bottom cover so that the timid precision mechanical structure at a glance, very beautiful. Implicit introverted, the modern and traditional seamless integration, simple design complex built-in fine mechanical function. This manual winding back to the chronograph watch also break through the boundaries of ultra-thin watchmaking process, ultra-thin movement and the thickness of the case for the global chronograph in the thinnest. Piaget watchmaker to skillfully implement the Altiplano series of simple aesthetics, while taking into account the complex movement of the delicate display of the stress. The center of the dial is radially fogged by the sun, and the small seconds are set at 6 o'clock. The 30 o'clock time slot is set at 3 o'clock. The second time zone montblanc pens is displayed at 9 o'clock. The design is elegant and harmonious.

    Sunglasses in the moment is not only able to stop the sun's rays of the glasses, but can be handsome, playing cool, it is the gods must artifact, and the gods wardrobe will have a lot of different styles, then you no reason Refuse it into your closet.

    That the gods, we can not help thinking of the graceful, graceful words to describe them, the process of degeneration into the gods is not easy overnight, in addition to the daily we see the male equipment, such as sunglasses, watches, in fact, also There is a very important equipment: manual razor, which is the necessary equipment for the wardrobe, it helps the men to achieve their own pay attention to the gods dream.

    How can a man set off the watch, the watch is now reflected in the taste of fashion props, when you travel outside, negotiate business, a good watch, will be very helpful to enhance your image. Want to transform men, the most critical magic weapon is the match. For men, no matter what season, what occasion, sunglasses appearance rate is quite high. Sunglasses years to take, indoor can be playing cool, outdoor UV protection.

    montblanc pens Shoes must be a man can not be missing in the life of the items. Perhaps not yet reached mont blanc fountain pen the age, maybe not too many occasions to wear, perhaps feel that sports shoes or comfortable. Even if there are more factors that lead to your shoes alienated, you can not lack the attention of the shoes.

    Men's ring ring, with its unique metallic luster and material properties have gradually become the focus of fashion jewelry. Rough and simple, calm style and the performance of cold metal, won the pursuit of fashionable young people and white-collar people's love, to show its personalized unique style.

    2017-05-25 10:55:42
  • Not with the decoration, dare say that they really fashionable?
  • I can guarantee that these accessories make you the focus of the audience
  • Summer wear accessories from head to toe are delicate
  • Summer dress without hierarchy? Four accessories to help you
  • With no mont blanc pens eye? Just a stylish accessories
  • With too boring That is what you did not choose the accessories!
  • With too boring That is what you did not choose the accessories!
  • Accessories reveal the taste of men
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